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“Amid a resurgence in global antisemitism and furious identity politics, the nightly scenes of angry mobs and all the grim commentary, we needed a comedic break. Deadpan provides a humorous but serious story of an antisemite turned Jewish comedian, reminding us that the most potent—and underused—weapon against bigotry and hate is farce and laughter.”

David Bernstein,

author of Woke Antisemitism


BEST-SELLING AUTHOR"Amid a resurgence in global antisemitism and furious identity politics, the nightly scenes of angry mobs and all the grim commentary, we needed a comedic break. Deadpan provides a humorous but serious story of an antisemite turned Jewish comedian, reminding us that the most potent—and underused—weapon against bigotry and hate is farce and laughter."


–  David Bernstein, 

author of Woke Antisemitism

BEST-SELLING AUTHOR"They say satire is what closes on Saturday night. If Richard Walter’s Deadpan were adapted for the stage, in a production that faithfully preserved its sardonic edge, seriocomic sensibility, metaphysical hijinks, and madly inventive plot twists, it would run till the end of the century."

–  James Morrow,

author of The Last Witchfinder

NATIONAL PUBLISHER"Richard Walter brings this ingenious and ironic premise with brisk comic scenecraft, pitch-perfect recreations of old-school showbiz and comedy, and a spirit of fierce moral inquiry. Deadpan is a scream, the laughs not diminishing its thematic depth, and that seriousness of intent never undercutting the comedy. (The setpiece featuring Berle and co. is worth the price of admission.) A Watermelon Man for the Borscht Belt, Deadpan delights and provokes, rich in urgent political and humanitarian insights along with laughs."

–  BookLife Reviews, Publisher's Weekly

NATIONAL PUBLICATION"In this smart satire about bigotry and intolerance, Walter uses magical realism and comedy to reinforce his satirical look at societal problems … This is an intriguing novel that will have readers in stitches."

–  U.S. Reviews

BEST-SELLING AUTHOR"The manic, comic energy of Richard Walter’s Deadpan is so engaging that you may fail to see the serious intent percolating beneath. An ingenious fable of foibles and fallacies across the multiverse."

–  Rebecca Newberger Goldstein,

author of Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away

EMERITA RABBI | "I found the book ‘breathtaking’… it literally took my breath away as it moved from one reality to another. I really enjoyed it."

–  Rabbi Laura Geller

NATIONAL PUBLICATION"In Richard Walter’s humorous novel Deadpan, a small-town car salesman blinks and opens his eyes to find himself living as one of America’s most beloved comedians … The charm and playfulness of the writing has a dual impact. On the one hand, it matches the fun and genuine pleasure of reading an already amusing story. The prose reflects the chaos and evenhanded nonsense of an unpredictable world in a masterful, seamless way. On the other hand, the book takes on some of the most serious of subjects—antisemitism and hate speech … The book is as delightful for its wordplay as it is for its imaginative plot."

–  Foreword Reviews

WRITER & EDITOR"Satirical, Thought-Provoking Novel…a trip to an alternate reality of overlapping multiverses, timelines, and characters that spin together like a kaleidoscopic cartwheel."

–  Joanna Poncavage, BookTrib

April 3, 2024​

Standing Room Only at Book Soup Book Signing on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip


On April 3, 2024, a huge crowd showed up in support of the book signing for Deadpan, Richard Walter’s latest novel. The event was hosted by Book Soup on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. The event was covered in The LA Daily News, Do LA, and Discover Los Angeles.

See all images of the event in this video reel on Facebook!


April 2, 2024​

The Deb Method: GoalChatLive

Deb Eckerling discusses Honoring Your Voice with Stacia Crawford, Stay Ready Media; actor, voice over artist, and educator David H Lawrence XVII, Narrate Your Own Book; and screenwriter/author/professor Richard Walter, Deadpan. The trio, who work in various aspects of storytelling (PR, voiceover, and writing), talked about the power of words, owning your voice, and more.


MARCH 14, 2024​

Binghamton Alumni Podcast

This podcast series highlights Binghamton University alumni who are successful in their respective career fields. In this episode, Richard Walter discusses his lengthy and impressive career as a screenwriter, author of fiction and nonfiction books, and faculty member at UCLA's film school for four decades.

MARCH 29, 2024​

 Famed screenwriting UCLA professor applies his amazing story skill to a novel

5/5 stars"Richard Walter takes the reader into the wild world of the early 70's with this cosmic, comic tale of a time and space traveller he is part car salesman, part world-class comedian. While highly entertaining in its own right, DEADPAN is a must for aspiring writers to see how a master structures a scene with entry and exit points, sharp turns and character insights. Walter's humanity and observations from a learned mind shine through. He lived the time - has known many famous people - so his insights are valuable reading. Buy!"


– William Phelps

MARCH 27, 2024​

 Sharp and Inventive 

5/5 stars"Hang onto your yarmulke and hop on for this zany, madcap ride through time and space, courtesy of Richard Walter and his deadpan protagonist, who happens to sell Buicks, when he's not a renowned Jewish comedian, hanging out with the Shah of Iran, sermonizing on the Holocaust, or vandalizing a synagogue. The action is fast, even as the excellent writing is something you may want to linger over."


– Nyla

MARCH 25, 2024​

 A head-spinning, page-turning, comedic ride through recent American History 

5/5 stars"With the most engrossing opening I've read in years, DEADPAN blasts you into an alternate universe where an antisemitic used car salesman from West Virginia somehow slips into a star Jewish comedian's luxurious life. His bit? That he's a used car salesman from West Virginia - and the audience can't get enough. The book departs down a dazzling series of twists and turns, featuring equal parts oddball humor, multidimensional time travel, and prescient insight into the modern quandaries of the American Jew."


– DW

MARCH 25, 2024​

A Wild Ride! 

5/5 stars"A nimble blend of wit and imagination, “Deadpan” braids two narratives into a single thread that delves into issues of identity, culture, and bigotry. A quick read with a satirical edge, it’s a banquet of unexpected twists and comic energy. Sharply written!"


– Jim Strain

MARCH 21, 2024​

Humor, sharp wit, and big insights! 

5/5 stars"'Deadpan' is a riveting journey through the corridors of imagination, leaving you breathless and contemplative. Richard Walter expertly crafts a narrative that seamlessly blends humor, sharp wit, and big insights into a fascinating story. Very highly recommended."


– J. Leisawitz

MARCH 17, 2024

Strap in. Hold on. 

5/5 stars"Deadpan is like a rollercoaster for your mind. It may take a few days to recover your own sense of time and place, but it’s worth it."


– Brian Narelle

 MARCH 11, 2024

Time and place shifting wild ride 

5/5 stars"Richard Walter's lectures used to wander all over the field of movies and movie history, but always came together with something pithy at the end. His latest novel moves through time and geography, picking up and dropping characters and themes. It takes awhile to grasp what is happening, but once you do, you're ready to go along with his wild, funny, and deep ride with a character who takes on another personality yet maintains his sense of self. I enjoyed every page. And it all came together at the end!"


– Paul Chitlik

 MARCH 9, 2024

An original and funny voice from the space-time ether 

5/5 stars"Never a dull moment during this exhilarating ride through the space-time continuum. A multi-verse where Borscht Belt comedians share the stage with Sarah Palin. Joining this eclectic crew is the quietly intolerant Everyman, comedian Richie Ritchie, who can't figure out what his audiences think is so funny about him and his West Virginia hometown. A quick read, with many laughs, and unsettling truths bared."


– Ron Sandgrund

 FEB. 27, 2024

Deadpan took me on a wild ride!

5/5 stars"Deadpan is definitely a page-turner, and one of the more imaginative novels I've read in years. It took me a while to understand what was going on, but once I realized I was being delivered to random realities in alternate universes via a faulty time-and-space machine, I very much enjoyed being on the ride. Fortunately, it's only fiction...isn't it?"


– tom friedman

 FEB. 25, 2024

A wild, beautifully written, groundbreaking novel! 

5/5 stars"The central character comes into possession of a positron-emission muon ionic holographic tele-transporter. It is not something Apple has yet to put on their shelves. But get in line now! It’s one cool tech gadget that everyone is gonna want. Just to own one is to be in possession of an array of astounding possibilities. Or to say it another way, this excellent, beautifully written novel challenges our assumptions about time and space, identity, intolerance and reality itself. A wild, out of the box, groundbreaking ride. Can’t recommend it highly enough."


– Gary

 FEB. 23, 2024

A great read -- not just funny, but smart! 

5/5 stars"Richard Nothing beats humor and sharp writing to make a point about what’s wrong and what’s right with the world. Richard Walter is a master at slipping in the message while keeping you engaged with a great story. I enjoyed every page, every twist and turn, and came away from this book (or I should say I had to tear myself away, because it’s gripping) with new and poignant insight!"


– Ellen Azorin, melonmusic

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